Monday 19th Apr 2021STUDBOLTS FROM STOCK: b7/l7, b7m/l7m, b16, b8/b8m/b8t (class 1&2), 32760, 660...

Studbolt specialises in:

  • Manufacturing, stocking and distributing petro-chemical grade studbolt assemblies and fasteners.



quality assurance

Quality of product and service is driven throughout the whole company by Studbolt’s ISO9001:2008 LRQA approved system.

complete flexibility

Studbolt is committed to providing customer service. Listening to customers and having a flexible responsive workforce are key to achieving this.

monitored stock levels

Studbolt has vast stocks of finished and semi-finished fasteners, and raw material, all fully traceable,and all controlled in real-time by the company’s fully integrated ERP system.

ontime deliveries

Studbolt regards delivering quality products on-time as the key to customer satisfaction.

Multi-lingual Salesforce

Human resources are in place to be able to conduct business in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian.

PED Material

When specified, fasteners can be supplied in accordance with PED 97/23/EC Annex 1 paragraph 4.3.